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Kamis, 03 Desember 2009

Ulsan (울산) is the capital city of Ulsan Metropolitan District, in South yeongsang. Ulsan is a big city, with a population of 1.2 million it is close to Busan, Gyeongju, Daegu and Pohang.

Ulsan is not a something related to tourism. But Ulsan is the industrial dynamo for South Korea, and has the biggest automobile assembly plant operated by Hyundai Motor Company, the world's largest shipyard operated by Hyundai Heavy Industries and the world's second largest oil refinery owned by SK Energy.

As a city Ulsan is somewhat similar to Suwon compared to Seoul regarding distance and size. The city of Ulsan, although in area the largest in Korea, is quite small when the metro area is considered. It is possible to get just about anywhere for under 10,000 won in a taxi.

The city is also home to K-League soccer side Ulsan Hyundai Horang-i and Korean Basketball League team Ulsan Hyundai Mobis Automons.

Ulsan Tourism

Ulsan is not a tourist city for common travellers. Those who come to Ulsan are predominantly here to work for the large conglomerates or heavy industries (Hyundai Motors being one of the most notable) and to teach English as a foreign language.

Old down-town, Seongnamdong, is good for shopping at low, local prices (there are brand goods shops too however). It is the location of a small number of foreigner friendly/foreigner run bars.

Mugeodong, the home of Ulsan University, is the best place for the young, twenty-something’s wishing to eat, drink and party.

Ulsan has a lot of beaches, like Jinha beach, Ilsan Beach, or Jujeon and Jeongja beaches.

Ulsan Nightlife

Ulsan nightlife is still Ok and various as they are so many foreign expats and teachers work in Ulsan. If your are out for fun in Ulsan, go to some korean clubs or bars in old downtown or the new downtown., or alternatively Bangeojin area. The two mentioned bars here are just for teachers. As there is thousands of other expats in Ulsan - and if you are one of them, I recommend to stay away from these two lame holes and instead just pick any other.

These are the two main bars for foreign teachers (and some brave Korean teachers) in Ulsan. Great food, great atmosphere. Large screen TVs and foosball at each, Tombstone has a pool table, Bench has darts. Bench has open mic every Wednesday night, which is great fun. They're always open late (ie. when the sun's coming up), and a great way to meet fellow foreigners.

Acid Bar is the new place to be if you're an expat living in Ulsan. Located near the Gonguptop (sp?) Rotary and across from 'Bobos' (spot the gawdy neon red signage), it's a large basement club with bar, dance floor, big comfy chairs and a nori-bang room. The bar staff never deny my song requests and the beer is pretty cheap.

Recommended Ulsan bars and nightclubs :

1. Benchwarmers
Benchwarmers is a bar located in downtown Ulsan. The owner is from Newfoundland, Canada.
It is one of the more popular ex-pat hangouts in Ulsan.
He's from Cap Breton!!

2. 7- Club
7-Club is a hostess bar chain in Ulsan with a large number of Russian women employees. Beer is 3000 won but buying a hostess a drink is 10000 won. There are a few karaoke booths as well.
Locations can be found in Shinae (old downtown) and in Bangeojin.

3. MacKenzie's
MacKenzie's is a bar in Ulsan with a large number of expatriates, as well as engineers and Koreans. There is no dance floor but dancing is permitted. Every Saturday at 11 pm is a complementary buffet.

4. PBJ's
PBJ's is a small bar below ground, in the city of Ulsan. It has a bar, a few tables, and billiards. Beer is 4000 won.

5. The Royal Anchor
The Royal Anchor is a well-known bar in Ulsan with a number of tables and billiards as well. A large number of English teachers are patrons at the bar, and on Friday and Saturday it can get quite busy.

6. Tombstone (Ulsan)
Tombstone is a bar located in Ulsan, in Mugeo-dong, close to the university. The main website has a map showing where to get to the bar from the university so the easiest way to find it the first time is to take a taxi to the main gate and then follow the map, which apparently takes five minutes.
It is a popular hang-out for ex-pats; featuring a free pool table, foosball table and darts. There are often sporting events and movies shown from a projector. There are weekly events, including a poker night and a bowling night, as well as special events, such as hallowe'en parties, Christmas parties, etc.
The bar is owned by four Canadians, and their Korean significant others.

7. U.S. 66
U.S. 66 is a bar in Ulsan. Music selection is generally played through MP3s but CDs are available as well. Around 10 pm on the weekends is a cocktail show involving music, dancing and fire. The bar is located in Samsan-dong near the Viking ship ride.

Photos of Ulsan for tourism and nightlife information here :

Ulsan Skyline
Ulsan Skyline. Ulsan is the seventh largest metropolis with a population of over 1.1 million in South Korea.

Ulsan Downtown
Ulsan is a metropolitan city 70 kilometres north of Busan, and the closest large city from there.

ulsan daewongam park market
Daewongam Park Market in Ulsan. Some ladies sell sea shells and eels in the road-side market in Daewongam Park.

ulsan tombstone bars
Ulsan Tombstone Bars, address at 3F, 628-9 Mugeo-dong, Nam-gu, Ulsan 680-80, near the university in Mugoedong. (Say Mugeo-dong ULsan Dae hakeyo).

ulsan benchwarmers bars
Ulsan Benchwarmers bars, has open mic every Wednesday night, which is great fun. They're always open late (ie. when the sun's coming up), and a great way to meet fellow foreigners.

ulsan hyundai heavy industries company
Hyundai Heavy Industries Company, the world's largest shipyard , exceeds Its Annual Foreign Ship Order

Ulsan Munsu Football Stadium
Ulsan Munsu Football Stadium,n environmentally-friendly design which contrasts with the image of an industrial city. Ulsan also one of World Cup 2002 host.

Watch Ulsan Whale Dancing Festival Video Here (whale is the icon of the city) :

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